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Summary0000625: Wrong 3gp mime-type recognition
Description*.3gp files mime-types are recognized as `application/octet-stream`, but it should be `video/3gpp`. Also it does not recognize 3GPP Release version due to wrong byte checking (it should be checked as string, according to

The problem is in Magdir/animation:

>8 string 3gp \b, MPEG v4 system, 3GPP
>11 byte 1 \b, Release %d (non existent)
>11 byte 2 \b, Release %d (non existent)
>11 byte 3 \b, Release %d (non existent)
>11 byte 4 \b, Release %d
>11 byte 5 \b, Release %d
>11 byte 6 \b, Release %d
>11 byte 7 \b, Release %d Streaming Servers
!:mime video/3gpp

It can be fixed like this:

>8 string 3gp \b, MPEG v4 system, 3GPP
!:mime video/3gpp
>11 string 1 \b, Release %s (non existent)
>11 string 2 \b, Release %s (non existent)
>11 string 3 \b, Release %s (non existent)
>11 string 4 \b, Release %s
>11 string 5 \b, Release %s
>11 string 6 \b, Release %s
>11 string 7 \b, Release %s Streaming Servers
Steps To ReproduceDownload any *.3gp video from and try to check mime-type
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