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0000618filegeneralpublic2017-05-28 04:01
Assigned ToChristos Zoulas 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.31 
Target VersionFixed in VersionHEAD 
Summary0000618: byte is numeric, but some magic entries were character
Descriptioni.e. Magdir/animation

# with local additions
4 string ftyp ISO Media
>8 string XAVC \b, MPEG v4 system, Sony XAVC Codec
>>96 string x \b, Audio "%.4s"
>>118 beshort x at %dHz
>>140 string x \b, Video "%.4s"
>>168 beshort x %d
>>170 beshort x \bx%d
>8 string 3g2 \b, MPEG v4 system, 3GPP2
!:mime video/3gpp2
>>11 byte 4 \b v4 (H.263/AMR GSM 6.10)
>>11 byte 5 \b v5 (H.263/AMR GSM 6.10)
>>11 byte 6 \b v6 (ITU H.264/AMR GSM 6.10)
>>11 byte a \b C.S0050-0 V1.0
>>11 byte b \b C.S0050-0-A V1.0.0
>>11 byte c \b C.S0050-0-B V1.0
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Christos Zoulas

Christos Zoulas

2017-05-25 21:02

manager   ~0001523

Fixed, thanks!


2017-05-26 02:02

reporter   ~0001528

fix not ok, some is numeric, but some is ascii character's value.
a is 0x61 not 0xa
4 is 0x34 not 0x4


2017-05-26 02:07

reporter   ~0001529

add type char may be more more expressive.
Christos Zoulas

Christos Zoulas

2017-05-26 02:12

manager   ~0001530

Where is the format documented (which values are what)?


2017-05-26 02:31

reporter   ~0001531

troublesome, one example below, other 1-byte may be incorrect.
 8.1.1 File identification

CompatibleBrands: A list of brand identifiers (to the end of the Box). '3g2c' shall be a
member of this list. ‘3g2a’ and ‘3g2b’ shall also be members of this list if the file is in
conformance with release 0 and/or release A of this specification. The brand
compatibility list shall include major brands '3gp4', '3gp5' and/or '3gp6' as described in
[5] when the file content meets the conditions described therein. Brands shall not be
placed in the compatibility list if playback is not possible given the applicable methods.
See Annex A.3 for additional information.
Christos Zoulas

Christos Zoulas

2017-05-26 14:33

manager   ~0001533

thanks, fixed. Perhaps I will add "char" in the future, or allow 'c' as a character constant. For now it is simpler to add a comment and the hex value :-)

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