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0000617filegeneralpublic2017-05-24 17:35
Assigned ToChristos Zoulas 
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Platformx86_64 OSGNU/LinuxOS Version4.10.13-1-ARCH
Product Version5.30 
Target VersionFixed in VersionHEAD 
Summary0000617: file does not report the correct filetype(s) for a polyglot PDF.
- This file is a polyglot pdf.
- `file -ki` however reports: `text/plain\012- application/octet-stream; charset=iso-8859-1` which is not quite correct.
- A side-effect of this is that any script/application using `file(1)`to determine the file's type will fail to see it as a pdf (e.g. the [Zathura reader]( should happily read the pdf but doesn't because it uses `file(1)` to determine which file-type plugin to use).
Steps To Reproduce`file -ki pocorgtfo13.pdf`



Christos Zoulas

Christos Zoulas

2017-05-24 17:35

manager   ~0001521

Fixed, thanks.

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