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0000487tcshgeneralpublic2015-10-23 23:17
ReporterAndrew Burt 
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Product Version6.19.00 
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Summary0000487: Feature request - nested command substitution
DescriptionI'm a big tcsh fan (used it since it came out!... and, well, csh since -it- came out... and, uh, 'sh' since, um, 6th ed... wow, don't I feel old now) :) -- but one of the features I sorely miss in tcsh is the ability to nest command substitutions the way bash allows ... $( cmd1 ... $( cmd2 ... $( cmd3 ... ) ... ) ...)

Yes, I do tend to type some pretty heavy duty stuff at the command line. It's just not convenient to do sh -c '... $( cmd 1........' -- especially since there's (understandably) no way to nest single quotes, and trying to escape everything inside double quotes to pass to sh gets really ugly.

So the ideal solution would be if tcsh understood $(...) syntax, including nested incarnations thereof.

It'd be very cool if that could find its way in. Thanks for considering it, and keep up the great work.
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