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0000107tcshgeneralpublic2010-09-03 13:20
ReporterMichal Szymanski 
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Product Version6.17.00 
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Summary0000107: strange interaction: history - compound aliases
DescriptionAliases including "if..then..else" command insert strange items into history.
  alias c 'if ( x\!:1:e != x ) then \
                gcc \!* -O -s -o \!:1:t:r -lm \
                else \
                echo "\!:1 - bad input file" \
Firstly, alias expansion is "verbose", ie. it echoes the expanded command before it is executed.
Secondly, it inserts expanded commands into the history (which is not true for simple aliases and IMHO should not be done) and does it in a strange way (if the condition is true, the "else" command gets into the history and vice versa).

Aliases with "simple if", e.g.
  alias for 'if ( x\!:1:e != x ) g77 \!* -O -s -o \!:1:t:r'
work fine if the condition is true (no echo, alias itself in the history) but if it is false, the history is totally cleared.
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