Not Yet Released
0000622: [general] infocom "release" value is incorrectly limited to less than 10 (Christos Zoulas)
0000620: [general] Some more magic: Nintendo DS Secure Area; PNG CgBI (Christos Zoulas)
0000618: [general] byte is numeric, but some magic entries were character (Christos Zoulas)
0000619: [general] Fails to id ISO 9660 image file (Christos Zoulas)
0000616: [general] New flags details expected results and error handling. (Christos Zoulas)
0000617: [general] file does not report the correct filetype(s) for a polyglot PDF. (Christos Zoulas)
0000615: [general] Add magic_getflags() which returns a value representing current flags. (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2017-05-23
0000610: [general] Add magic patterns for WebAssembly (Christos Zoulas)
0000608: [general] terminfo magic-file is incomplete (Christos Zoulas)
0000575: [general] Integrity of source files (Christos Zoulas)
0000595: [general] Text file erroneously recognized as zlib compressed data (Christos Zoulas)
0000606: [general] Doesn't recognize python without bangshe (Christos Zoulas)
0000607: [general] Add patterns for Apache big data projects (Christos Zoulas)
0000604: [general] Sony XAVC file identified as mimetype application/octet-stream (Christos Zoulas)
0000602: [general] make MARC21 file detection stricter (Christos Zoulas)
0000601: [general] Git commit IDs changed for all commits after 1987-09-11 (Christos Zoulas)
0000598: [general] magic detection regression beginning with file 5.30 (Christos Zoulas)
0000596: [general] Minor typo in cdf.c (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2017-02-10
0000590: [general] compile a static version of the 'file' utility. (Christos Zoulas)
0000591: [general] new feature request : please make file report for ELF files whether the .debug_info section is actually present, or not (Christos Zoulas)
0000589: [general] console: Add magic for Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console NES ROM images. (Christos Zoulas)
0000588: [general] Add magic line to identify ECDSA private key (Christos Zoulas)
0000574: [general] Compile linking errors using NDK compiler for Android ARM and MIPS (Christos Zoulas)
0000585: [general] osmpbf files not always detected (Christos Zoulas)
0000586: [general] Exception on getting description (magic literal) for ELF Executable (Christos Zoulas)
0000587: [general] Add magic line (Christos Zoulas)
0000583: [general] cdf_check_stream: Assertion `ss == sst->sst_ss' failed (Christos Zoulas)
0000580: [general] PNG files detected as "DOS/MBR boot sector" (Christos Zoulas)
0000579: [general] Possible infinite loop between file_error and file_vprintf (Christos Zoulas)
0000578: [general] SVG HTML files are not recognized if <?xml tag is not correctly formatted (Christos Zoulas)
0000577: [general] Magic for GameCube CISO, GCZ, WDF, and WIA formats, plus amiibo NFC dumps (Christos Zoulas)
0000576: [general] endianness of PCF font misidentified (Christos Zoulas)
0000561: [general] file 5.28 cannot compile on any platform due to missing MAGIC_PARAM_BYTES_MAX define (Christos Zoulas)
0000534: [general] file on .eml sometimes shows MSX MegaROM parameters (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2016-10-25
0000573: [general] Add Zstandard support (Christos Zoulas)
0000571: [general] Text file whose first 2 characters are EP (Christos Zoulas)
0000570: [general] [PATCH] svg type detection unreliable if svg is missing xml declaration (Christos Zoulas)
0000569: [general] Find memory leak after compiling with address sanitize (Christos Zoulas)
0000564: [general] Git source: psl magic appears malformed (Christos Zoulas)
0000563: [general] Please add support for H2 database file (Christos Zoulas)
0000562: [general] magic file type encoded twice with Python 3 (Christos Zoulas)
0000558: [general] Unbalanced parentheses in Magdir/bioinformatics (Christos Zoulas)
0000559: [general] Some xls and ppt files are identified as application/CDFV2-unknown (Christos Zoulas)
0000556: [general] Multiple mimetype of targa image is incorrectly separated (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2016-06-13
0000541: [general] ERROR: Offset out of range (Additional test cases) (Christos Zoulas)
0000543: [general] file -nf- closes pipe after processing a symlink (Christos Zoulas)
0000533: [general] file_encoding guesses wrong on large text files where first non 7-bit ascii character appears late in file (Christos Zoulas)
0000545: [general] libmagic closes stdin file descriptor for non-regular files (Christos Zoulas)
0000557: [general] console: More magic for Nintendo 3DS, FDS, and GameCube (Christos Zoulas)
0000549: [general] Additions for several coverage file formats (gcc, gcov, llvm, lcov) (Christos Zoulas)
0000546: [general] BER magic: additions for several BER formats used in the mobile telecommunications industry (Christos Zoulas)
0000544: [general] MS Windows 95 Internet shortcut text (URL=< >), (Christos Zoulas)
0000551: [general] file 5.27 cdf_unpack_catalog cdf.c:1077 (Christos Zoulas)
0000553: [general] file-5.27 cdf_count_chain cdf.c:508 (Christos Zoulas)
0000550: [general] file 5.27 der.c:146 (Christos Zoulas)
0000555: [general] Integer overflow when computing "ms->search.s_len" in "mcopy". (Christos Zoulas)
0000552: [general] file 5.27 der_cmp der.c:254 (Christos Zoulas)
0000547: [general] Memory leaks while compiling with ASAN (Christos Zoulas)
0000330: [general] The file-5.17.tar.gz contains surplus "magic.h". (Reuben Thomas)
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Released 2016-05-13
0000539: [general] file hangs/crashes in cdf_unpack_catalog on .db file (Christos Zoulas)
0000540: [general] error Offset out of range (Christos Zoulas)
0000536: [general] file 5.26 cannot compile on any platform due to missing MAGIC_PARAM_BYTES_MAX define (Christos Zoulas)
0000537: [general] Inclusion of <err.h> in src/der.c is non-portable (Christos Zoulas)
0000538: [general] Non-portable zero-length array in src/cdf.h (Christos Zoulas)
0000535: [general] Typo in ChangeLog shows 5.25 for 5.26 release (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2016-04-16
0000494: [general] Segmentation Faults executing file 5.21-5.25 on Android. (Christos Zoulas)
0000524: [general] file not properly identifying Excel Document (Christos Zoulas)
0000528: [general] Parameter to set separator between the outputs for different files. (Christos Zoulas)
0000532: [general] console, images: More magic for console-related formats. (Christos Zoulas)
0000531: [general] Return value for `file' invocation with non-existant filenames is 0, error message issue (Christos Zoulas)
0000530: [general] "console" magic: Several additions for GameCube, Wii, 3DS, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, N64 (Christos Zoulas)
0000523: [general] Libmagic memory issue (Christos Zoulas)
0000527: [general] Add farbfeld image format (Christos Zoulas)
0000521: [general] Add support for pipable WIM files (Christos Zoulas)
0000525: [general] Some mp3 files are no longer detected as audio file (Christos Zoulas)
0000519: [general] Add support for genetics (bioinformatics) file formats (Christos Zoulas)
0000518: [general] regex error 17 (illegal byte sequence) (Christos Zoulas)
0000517: [general] Incomplete Musepack magic (Christos Zoulas)
0000516: [general] Add support for woff2 file (Christos Zoulas)
0000485: [autoconf] Respect FILE_COMPILE in cross-compilation builds (Christos Zoulas)
0000477: [general] Add magic-python to Python Package Index (PyPI) (Christos Zoulas)
0000511: [general] Recent change in python/ throws a TypeError on Python 2 (Christos Zoulas)
0000512: [general] Update fmtcheck for Windows (Christos Zoulas)
0000507: [general] [PATCH] android: correct typo in sparse image format entry (Christos Zoulas)
0000505: [general] [PATCH] Use string/b instead of string for MSX patterns (Christos Zoulas)
0000504: [general] Shell scripts are being identified as Minix file systems (Christos Zoulas)
0000502: [general] Add support for the Multitracker Metadata Extension, and a placeholder for future extensions to BitTorrent file format (Christos Zoulas)
0000501: [general] type "application/xml" should be replaced with "text/xml" in _most_ cases (where the document readable by a user) (Christos Zoulas)
0000500: [general] add recognition of MPEG DASH video containers to magic (Christos Zoulas)
0000499: [general] Bad regex in java detection can cause slowdown (Christos Zoulas)
0000497: [general] FLIF image format (Christos Zoulas)
0000498: [general] mime-type is detected as "application/" instead of "application/" (Christos Zoulas)
0000492: [general] magic_buffer crush when extracting compressed data (Christos Zoulas)
0000496: [general] [Submission] PSX File Formats (Christos Zoulas)
0000495: [general] Zip archive recognized as "Microsoft Word 2007+" (Christos Zoulas)
0000493: [general] Text file recognized as FORTRAN program (Christos Zoulas)
0000489: [general] python-magic evaluates every file twice when using python2 and magic.file(filename) method (Christos Zoulas)
0000491: [general] The PFR0 font type. (Christos Zoulas)
0000490: [general] HTML shenanigans (Christos Zoulas)
0000484: [general] [PATCH] Add Google Chrome extension magic (Christos Zoulas)
0000482: [general] [PATCH] Remove duplicate xar magic (Christos Zoulas)
0000483: [general] [PATCH] Add mime for xar (Christos Zoulas)
0000478: [general] Crash on magic_close() (Christos Zoulas)
0000479: [general] several crashes with crafted magic files (Christos Zoulas)
0000480: [general] --help incorrectly says that -L is the default (Christos Zoulas)
0000481: [general] Mime type for rar v5 (Christos Zoulas)
0000514: [general] Compressed tar is not detected correctly when stdin is closed (Christos Zoulas)
0000515: [general] der.h missing (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2015-09-16
0000475: [general] memory corruption reported by asan (Christos Zoulas)
0000474: [general] 5.23 libmagic performance regression on some ASCII texts (Christos Zoulas)
0000472: [general] minix version 3 support, and v2 zones count (Christos Zoulas)
0000476: [general] Add support for Hopper databases (Christos Zoulas)
0000467: [general] Short text file incorrected reported as a zip file (Christos Zoulas)
0000469: [general] [PATCH] Improve the detection of C++ templates (Christos Zoulas)
0000188: [general] [PATCH] Version of XML files in UTF16 is not detected properly (Christos Zoulas)
0000463: [general] error messages on stdout (Christos Zoulas)
0000466: [general] 5.24 Windows patch (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2015-07-09
0000465: [general] file-5.23: --mime-type and --mime-encoding do no longer work as expected (Christos Zoulas)
0000462: [general] fortran magic file missing "text" keyword (Christos Zoulas)
0000461: [general] Add support for MIPS Release 6 ELFs (Christos Zoulas)
0000460: [general] malformed ELF file causes large malloc (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2015-06-10
0000522: [general] Buffer over-write in PHP function finfo_open with malformed magic file. (uses libmagic) (Christos Zoulas)
0000459: [general] segmentation fault when using crafted magic file (Christos Zoulas)
0000456: [general] Please recognize UTF-7 inside the mime type. (Christos Zoulas)
0000455: [general] When the -z or MAGIC_COMPRESS flag is used along -i or MAGIC_MIME, "compressed-encoding=" shoud be in another option (Christos Zoulas)
0000454: [general] SIGABRT (134) when using crafted magic file (Christos Zoulas)
0000453: [general] mime output for Mac OS X Mach-O binaries has superfluous " [ [" output (Christos Zoulas)
0000449: [general] Java class files may be misreported as Mach-O (Christos Zoulas)
0000434: [general] Add support for NSFE files (Christos Zoulas)
0000452: [general] Updated magic definition for Dyalog (formerly Dyadic) files (Christos Zoulas)
0000448: [general] [PATCH] Add support for Kdump compressed dump files (Christos Zoulas)
0000442: [general] This French po file is detected as a tex file (Christos Zoulas)
0000440: [general] Add Ogg Opus support (Christos Zoulas)
0000436: [general] Add support for Android binary XML files (Christos Zoulas)
0000397: [general] Git object files misidentified as VAX COFF executables (Christos Zoulas)
0000413: [general] QBB mimetypes are not correctly identified (Quickbooks) (Christos Zoulas)
0000432: [general] file that was ascii text is now HTML/ascii text and is displayed incorrectly (Christos Zoulas)
0000433: [general] XZ file is recognized as DOS/MBR. (Christos Zoulas)
0000368: [general] make check command from README.DEVELOPER doesn't work (Christos Zoulas)
0000429: [general] Add variations to GEM raster images (Christos Zoulas)
0000428: [general] Text file recognized as assembler source (Christos Zoulas)
0000430: [general] [PATCH] Add support for hybrid ISOs (Christos Zoulas)
0000304: [general] Better perl shebang detection (Christos Zoulas)
0000421: [general] JPEG recognised as application/octet-stream (Christos Zoulas)
0000426: [general] Detecting mime type application/octect-stream for mp3 with embbeded art (Christos Zoulas)
0000425: [general] Added file format: Brooktrout 301 fax image (Christos Zoulas)
0000427: [general] Web/P misses its mime-type (Christos Zoulas)
0000424: [general] Unnecessary double break in arguments parsing (Christos Zoulas)
0000396: [general] [PATCH] Add support for Sereal format (Christos Zoulas)
0000422: [general] [PATCH] Add support for java 1.7 and java 1.8 classes (Christos Zoulas)
0000417: [general] self-described CBOR (RFC7049) not recognized (Christos Zoulas)
0000416: [general] vertical tab is not treated as valid ASCII (Christos Zoulas)
0000415: [general] Gives wrong image size (Christos Zoulas)
0000414: [general] PDF document detected as data (Christos Zoulas)
0000411: [general] Assertion failed on a .db file (Christos Zoulas)
0000458: [general] Bash incorreclty identified with /usr/bin/env in the shebang (Christos Zoulas)
0000439: [general] file(1) has degraded since 5.10, still not as good as 5.09 even in 5.22 (Christos Zoulas)
0000438: [general] Not all <signal.h>'s include sig_t - Compilation Failure (Solaris) (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2015-01-02
0000409: [general] Malformed elf file causes access to uninitialized memory (Christos Zoulas)
0000406: [general] [file] --uncompress broken v2 (Christos Zoulas)
0000410: [general] Zip file unrecognized; file outputs gibberish (Christos Zoulas)
0000230: [general] Unable to compile file on OS X 10.6.8 (Christos Zoulas)
0000407: [general] Support Qt files (Christos Zoulas)
0000405: [general] [file] --uncompress broken (Christos Zoulas)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2014-12-10
0000399: [general] Using magic_load_buffers() with recent changes in master branch causes invalid pointer to boubble (Christos Zoulas)
0000392: [general] ALAC not identified inside M4A (Christos Zoulas)
0000402: [general] [file] add more OpenSSH file types (Christos Zoulas)
0000398: [general] file out-of-bounds memory access (Christos Zoulas)
0000394: [general] magic_load_buffers misbehaviour (Christos Zoulas)
0000395: [general] apprentice cleanup and typo (Christos Zoulas)
0000390: [general] [PATCH] fix ISO9660 detection (Christos Zoulas)
0000387: [general] error: unknown type name 'locale_t' (Christos Zoulas)
0000388: [general] file -h output contains backtick, doesn't conform to POSIX (Christos Zoulas)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2014-10-10
0000380: [general] RFE: support zlib archives, RFC 1950/6713 (Christos Zoulas)
0000373: [general] Wrong identification of Video File (Christos Zoulas)
0000391: [general] $file --version does not have a valid return value (Christos Zoulas)
0000363: [general] Vorbis (ogg) files not correctly detected (Christos Zoulas)
0000275: [general] magic_error() does not clear/update error on collection/change (Christos Zoulas)
0000317: [general] AWK pattern triggers on common perl feature (Christos Zoulas)
0000382: [general] Identify Ogg Theora files as video/ogg to improve user experience? (Christos Zoulas)
0000384: [general] file_vprintf() crashes in 5.12 version of file library for some files (Christos Zoulas)
0000383: [general] invalid regex pattern \xFF\xFE (Christos Zoulas)
0000305: [general] WebP should contain width, height, compression method, alpha, and animation information (Christos Zoulas)
0000332: [general] Infinite loop? (Christos Zoulas)
0000302: [general] 5.15 - errors are no longer reported via magic_error() correctly (Christos Zoulas)
0000307: [general] add support for jxr (JPEG XR) (Christos Zoulas)
0000374: [general] Failure (Christos Zoulas)
0000308: [general] tiff should contain width, height and colordepth information (Christos Zoulas)
0000306: [general] jpg/jpeg/jfif should contain width, height, (progressive|baseline) encoding (Christos Zoulas)
0000379: [general] [PATCH] Add qpress support (Christos Zoulas)
0000378: [general] Cannot correctly detect MIME type for MP3 files (Christos Zoulas)
0000375: [general] file does not parse MachO files properly (Christos Zoulas)
0000342: [general] [PATCH] invalid read in softmagic.c:match (Christos Zoulas)
0000372: [general] 5.19 unexpectedly reports a 'PCap-NG' file as being "data" instead of "pcap-ng capture file - version 1.0" (Christos Zoulas)
0000376: [general] a few typofixes (Christos Zoulas)
0000360: [general] msooxml matches too many archives (Christos Zoulas)
0000362: [general] jpeg baseline showing incorrect precision & width/height (Christos Zoulas)
0000370: [general] file recognizes MPEG Layer III audio files as "data" due to conflict with "Z-machine binaries" from adventure magic file (Christos Zoulas)
0000364: [general] detection for Gridded Binary (GRIB) files (Christos Zoulas)
0000365: [general] [PATCH] add support for locale archive (Christos Zoulas)
0000367: [general] feature request: add a function to load magic files from buffers (Christos Zoulas)
0000369: [general] add support to android sparse image (Christos Zoulas)
0000371: [general] [PATCH] Add support for python-3.4 (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2014-06-12
0000464: [general] Allow reading a big-endian three-byte value from a file (Christos Zoulas)
0000357: [general] flake8 warning cleanups (Christos Zoulas)
0000356: [general] [PATCH] Spelling fixes (Christos Zoulas)
0000355: [general] [PATCH] Use application/vnd.debian.binary-package for Debian packages (Christos Zoulas)
0000358: [general] Detect FIT files (Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer) (Christos Zoulas)
0000349: [general] Segmentation fault searching from an indirect adddress 0xffff (Christos Zoulas)
0000343: [general] Wrong exe/dll detection (Christos Zoulas)
0000354: [nls] [PATCH] Text Encoding Irregularities (Christos Zoulas)
0000352: [general] [PATCH] Support for Hangul (Korean) Word Processor 5.x Files (*.hwp) (Christos Zoulas)
0000347: [general] Windows patch (Christos Zoulas)
0000346: [general] [PATCH] Add detection for the Sereal binary serialization format (Christos Zoulas)
0000351: [general] Fail to load empty compiled magic file (Christos Zoulas)
0000350: [general] Compilation error: strcasestr.c needs stdint.h (Christos Zoulas)
0000353: [general] src/strcasestr.c is missing include (Christos Zoulas)
0000337: [general] Incorrect handling of short offsets read form file (Christos Zoulas)
0000339: [general] New PJL types for Fuji-Xerox, Oki Data, Konica Minolta, Samsung, and HP printers (Christos Zoulas)
0000340: [general] [PATCH] add magic for snappy framing (Christos Zoulas)
0000345: [general] On XSI-conformant systems, the intptr_t and uintptr_t types are required; otherwise, they are optional. (Christos Zoulas)
0000341: [general] [PATCH] Fix memory leak in apprentice_unmap (Christos Zoulas)
0000338: [general] fmtcheck function often breaks printout of the description field coming from Magic file. (Christos Zoulas)
20 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-26
0000247: [general] [PATCH] fsmagic prints useless white-space in the end (Christos Zoulas)
0000270: [general] Extra bitwise OR in the MAGIC_NO_CHECK_BUILTIN macro definition. (Christos Zoulas)
0000274: [general] magic_error() reports contain extra information (Christos Zoulas)
0000276: [general] magic_descriptor() closes underlying file descriptor (fd) when it finishes (Christos Zoulas)
0000319: [general] [PATCH] file_ascmagic_with_encoding is called incorrectly by file_buffer (Christos Zoulas)
0000320: [general] Some MIME types are set in rules prematurely resulting in mis-matching between file string and MIME type (Christos Zoulas)
0000333: [general] determine wrong file type (Christos Zoulas)
0000334: [general] Function magic_load() behaviour changed since 5.15. (Christos Zoulas)
0000323: [general] off_t to size_t cast with incomplete check (Christos Zoulas)
0000324: [general] New filetype: CuBase (Christos Zoulas)
0000326: [general] [PATCH] add magic for abook addressbook files (Christos Zoulas)
0000327: [general] Unable to detect LZMA compressed SWF flash files (Christos Zoulas)
0000328: [general] v5.17: No longer reports application/octet-stream correctly (Christos Zoulas)
0000329: [general] v5.17 performance issue (Kimmo Suominen)
0000312: [general] Incorrect identification of lfe and dolby surround bits in ac3 files (Christos Zoulas)
0000300: [general] A wrong MIME type for tcl (Christos Zoulas)
0000309: [general] [PATCH] Incorrect MIME type reported for JARs (Christos Zoulas)
0000301: [general] file does not recognise newer "Linux make config build files" (Christos Zoulas)
0000313: [general] [PATCH] file crashes when checking softmagic for some corrupt PE executables (Christos Zoulas)
0000314: [general] [PATCH] Add QCOW3 support (Christos Zoulas)
0000318: [general] Version 5.16: bad media type reported for openoffice document (Christos Zoulas)
0000272: [general] request: image/webp (Christos Zoulas)
0000297: [general] [PATCH] Better RRDTool database support (Christos Zoulas)
0000298: [general] Corel Draw 6 files not recognized (Christos Zoulas)
0000296: [general] [PATCH] Add support for more BMP formats (Christos Zoulas)
0000295: [general] Adding support for Encase image file format (EWF) (Christos Zoulas)
0000294: [general] Errored and/or incosistent mime-encoding for empty and 1 byte files + libmagic does not return error (Christos Zoulas)
0000293: [general] correctly determine linux kernel version (Christos Zoulas)
0000290: [general] [PATCH](fix) Xilinx .bit-file magic is broken for most (all?) bitfiles (Christos Zoulas)
0000289: [general] magic_list or magic_check change state (Christos Zoulas)
0000286: [general] 5.15 - charset being reported as "unknown" (Christos Zoulas)
0000287: [general] mime type for lzma files is not correct (Christos Zoulas)
0000299: [general] New SPSS system file magic (Christos Zoulas)
0000281: [general] Illegal byte sequence in assembler magic file (Christos Zoulas)
0000285: [general] ASCII csv file recognized as Netpbm PPM (Christos Zoulas)
0000284: [general] Support for Android bootimg format (Christos Zoulas)
0000283: [general] libmagick crash when memory allocation fail (Christos Zoulas)
0000280: [general] Add magic for ec-keys (elliptic curves) (Christos Zoulas)
0000269: [general] "boot sector" files are identified as "x86 boot sector", even if they are created/used out of ARM/powerPC/other architectures (Christos Zoulas)
0000279: [general] An extra space appears in the results (at the end of the string) (Christos Zoulas)
0000278: [general] Add magic for B16 images (Christos Zoulas)
0000261: [general] misidentification of kernel files (Christos Zoulas)
0000260: [general] Wrong detection for HLS chunks (reopen) (Christos Zoulas)
0000266: [general] [PATCH] Add support for journald files (Christos Zoulas)
0000273: [general] Minimal identification for Valve Pack files (Christos Zoulas)
0000256: [general] file.c:469:4: error: 'w' undeclared (first use in this function) (Christos Zoulas)
0000258: [general] please add magic for systemd journald files (Christos Zoulas)
0000245: [general] [PATCH] ELF detection change breaks building with some libtool versions (Christos Zoulas)
0000250: [general] new filetype Freeplane mind map (Christos Zoulas)
0000253: [general] Bogus "invalid byte order" (Christos Zoulas)
0000248: [general] multiple magic_load() w/ non-default database segfault (Christos Zoulas)
0000244: [general] spurious white space on executable ELFs (Christos Zoulas)
0000164: [general] awk BEGIN rule slows down parsing of ascii files significantly (Christos Zoulas)
0000235: [general] Intersection in data of archive, matroska, and xwindows magic data files. (Christos Zoulas)
0000236: [general] Add support for Android Backup files (Christos Zoulas)
0000237: [general] typo in Magdir/mach (Christos Zoulas)
0000234: [general] misidentification of kernel files(again) (Christos Zoulas)
0000233: [general] /magic/Magdir/archive:206:0 string \212\3SB \0 BSArc/BS2 archive data (Christos Zoulas)
0000232: [autoconf] [PATCH] JPEG files detected as Minix filesystem (Christos Zoulas)
0000228: [general] magic_close() crashes in 5.12 version of file library (Christos Zoulas)
0000231: [general] Skipping levels: Is it a perfectly legal by design? (Christos Zoulas)
0000225: [general] misidentification of kernel files (Christos Zoulas)
0000227: [general] What version of libmagic is this? (Christos Zoulas)
0000229: [general] Avoid undefined behavior (pointer wraparound) (Christos Zoulas)
0000220: [general] Add magic bytes for Mac OS Alias files (hexdump included) (Christos Zoulas)
0000219: [autoconf] support for ute tick data files (Christos Zoulas)
0000216: [general] [PATCH] "Netpbm PGM image text" detected as ASCII (Christos Zoulas)
0000212: [general] file 5.11 does not report an aarch64 executable as such (Christos Zoulas)
0000199: [general] assembler (asm) files not detected because of tabs (Christos Zoulas)
0000208: [general] [PATCH] Better BuildID output (Christos Zoulas)
0000209: [general] file doesn't recognize an empty zip file (Christos Zoulas)
0000211: [general] Show what architectures are inside files (Christos Zoulas)
0000203: [general] rdiff magic numbers feature request (Christos Zoulas)
0000204: [general] [PATCH] Two patterns for 'dump' (Christos Zoulas)
0000205: [general] [PATCH] file doesn't recognize GPG encrypted data (Christos Zoulas)
0000197: [general] [PATCH] Adding new option to trim string - string/T (Christos Zoulas)
0000198: [general] `file --version' returns a 1 error status code (Christos Zoulas)
0000191: [general] [PATCH] $HOME/.magic.mgc is ignored (Christos Zoulas)
0000190: [general] Wrong detection for HLS chunks (Christos Zoulas)
0000189: [general] [PATCH] Support for woff font files (Christos Zoulas)
0000187: [general] Magic for Access 2010 files (Christos Zoulas)
0000192: [general] [PATCH] file -z does not work for bzip2 files (Christos Zoulas)
0000194: [general] [PATCH] man magic typo (Christos Zoulas)
0000195: [general] mkv recognized as application/octet-stream (Christos Zoulas)
0000185: [general] 'ERROR: (null)' returned when calling on nonempty setuid getuid files. (Christos Zoulas)
0000186: [general] magic_buffer yields "application/msword" for some Excel Files (Christos Zoulas)
0000147: [autoconf] troff (man) files are occasionally misinterpreted as fortran text. (Christos Zoulas)
0000156: [autoconf] Detect Linux/ia64 swap file (Christos Zoulas)
0000159: [general] version 5.07 from fedora 16 fail to identify tnef files (Christos Zoulas)
0000160: [general] version 5.07 from fedora 16 fail to identify tnef files (Christos Zoulas)
0000161: [general] version 5.07 from fedora 16 fail to identify tnef files (Christos Zoulas)
0000158: [general] version 5.07 from fedora 16 fail to identify tnef files (Christos Zoulas)
0000165: [general] Revision number of GNU message catalog files consists of 2 parts (Christos Zoulas)
0000154: [general] failure to recognize z-machine binaries (Christos Zoulas)
0000153: [autoconf] Typo in magic file for gnome-keyring (Christos Zoulas)
0000166: [general] file-5.10 Perl detection regression (Christos Zoulas)
0000167: [general] Add magic for AmigaOS scripts (Christos Zoulas)
0000172: [general] [PATCH] Detect python according to "def name(arg, arg):" pattern (Christos Zoulas)
0000171: [general] [PATCH] Support for QEMU QED images (Christos Zoulas)
0000173: [general] php files misidentified as C++ (Christos Zoulas)
0000174: [general] Patch for WinWord 2.0 magic (Christos Zoulas)
0000175: [general] [PATCH] support symbol visibility (Christos Zoulas)
0000176: [general] Add IDA/Interactive Disassembler database detection (Christos Zoulas)
0000177: [general] No MIME type returned on CDF file if there are parse problems (Christos Zoulas)
0000179: [general] file detects PPT file as Word file (Christos Zoulas)
0000182: [autoconf] Detect cube and cube2 games maps (Christos Zoulas)
0000184: [general] Incorrect "Claris clip art?" format reported on wav files (Christos Zoulas)
0000170: [general] Add mime identification of Monkey's Audio files (.ape) (Christos Zoulas)
0000151: [general] Pattern for DOS COM executables matches some russian texts (Christos Zoulas)
0000157: [general] Better LZMA detection (Christos Zoulas)
0000148: [general] magic for GNU tar incremental snapshots (Christos Zoulas)
0000146: [general] MSWord file no longer recognized - 5.09 (Christos Zoulas)
0000145: [general] ACB archive data - false positives (Christos Zoulas)
0000142: [general] Magic for BBeB ebooks (Christos Zoulas)
0000139: [autoconf] Crash while reading xls file. (Christos Zoulas)
0000135: [general] doesn't recognize Word file as Word file, only as Office file (Christos Zoulas)
0000134: [general] The libmagic ELF Program Header table parser does not work correctly (Christos Zoulas)
0000129: [general] Add magic for Smile (Christos Zoulas)
0000311: [general] .DOCX files not identified correctly (Reuben Thomas)
0000214: [general] -e option: nv array in file.c and OPT() macro in file_opts.h are not consistent (e.g. troff, encoding, etc.). (Christos Zoulas)
0000206: [general] valgrind detected access outside of magic[] malloc range (Reuben Thomas)
0000152: [general] New magic entries for bagpipe notation software (Christos Zoulas)
0000123: [autoconf] Cross-compilation for mips-el fails (v5.04 to v5.07) (Christos Zoulas)
0000115: [general] file v5.05 cannot be built (Christos Zoulas)
0000126: [general] file doesn't recognize some postscript files (Christos Zoulas)
0000125: [general] file output for all-zeroes file is "DOS-executable (" (Christos Zoulas)
126 issues View Issues
Released 2013-09-24
0000268: [general] Some .DOCX files not identified correctly (Christos Zoulas)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2013-03-21
0000254: [general] Interesting JPEG file reported as MINIX Filesystem (Christos Zoulas)
0000241: [autoconf] [PATCH] Add support for python-3.3 detection (Christos Zoulas)
0000239: [general] file-5.13 source is missing file - fails to build (Christos Zoulas)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2013-02-22
0000238: [general] Detect .debug_info section in dwarf ELF (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2013-01-03
0000288: [general] Application crashes while processing file (Christos Zoulas)
0000226: [autoconf] Header field names in mail message files are case insensitive (Christos Zoulas)
0000224: [general] Support for Surfer 6 grid files (Christos Zoulas)
0000222: [autoconf] file misidentifies MPEG transport streams (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2011-12-30
0000150: [general] Commit of 2011-09-20 breaks soft magic (Reuben Thomas)
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Released 2011-09-16
0000140: [general] old segfault while reading xls file. (Christos Zoulas)
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Not Yet Released
0000597: [general] tcsh: "rmstar" option ignored when rm alias set (Christos Zoulas)
0000609: [general] Coverity report: Uninitialized variables (Christos Zoulas)
0000471: [general] respect locale settings in cshrc when parsing 'sh -c' argument (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2016-11-24
0000572: [general] SHLVL decremented upon calling "exec" in a subshell (Christos Zoulas)
0000403: [general] Read UTF8 lines from a file and write corrupted data (Christos Zoulas)
0000526: [general] Fix for inconsistent backslash interpretation when using `...` (Christos Zoulas)
0000510: [general] Invalid number of "(" in code (Christos Zoulas)
0000437: [general] [PATCH] Fix to handling filename with Unicode character (Christos Zoulas)
0000451: [general] bad error message leads to wasted time (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2015-05-21
0000264: [general] Crash with movement at beginning of long line (Christos Zoulas)
0000262: [general] Maybe it is time to remove 'experimental' from complete description (Christos Zoulas)
0000223: [general] History modifiers corrupt history (Christos Zoulas)
0000291: [general] tcsh prints error message (e.g. segmentation fault) on standard output instead of stderr (Christos Zoulas)
0000240: [general] Port to Minix (Christos Zoulas)
0000412: [general] crash in emacs mode when clearing a long line (Christos Zoulas)
0000377: [general] memory leak with 'source' command (Christos Zoulas)
0000322: [general] Colorized ls (Christos Zoulas)
0000251: [general] [PATCH]: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference with glibc 2.17+ (Christos Zoulas)
0000217: [general] Memory leak in sh_access function (Christos Zoulas)
0000046: [general] testsuite fails: 52, 56 (glob, hup) (Christos Zoulas)
0000031: [general] a bunch of builtin ls-F bugs (Christos Zoulas)
0000122: [general] [PATCH] [regression] null pointer dereference crashes tcsh (Christos Zoulas)
0000028: [general] Quoting setenv 'PATH' stops setting path (Christos Zoulas)
0000026: [general] Add missing "cygwin" subdirectory, tweak for user convenience (Christos Zoulas)
0000023: [autoconf] Wide strings unsupported on FreeBSD-4.x, short strings fail compilation (Christos Zoulas)
0000010: [general] Warnings when compiling under OSX 10.3.8 (Christos Zoulas)
0000143: [general] $rmstar prompt doesn't respond to control-C (Christos Zoulas)
0000149: [general] [PATCH] tcsh prompt formatting parameter %j returns negative number of jobs (Christos Zoulas)
0000121: [general] Manpage fixes #2 (Christos Zoulas)
0000163: [general] tcsh file autocompletion colors (Christos Zoulas)
0000180: [general] Use system malloc() on OpenBSD (Christos Zoulas)
0000181: [general] Add OpenBSD to host.def (Christos Zoulas)
0000109: [general] Interruptible wait builtin command (Christos Zoulas)
0000108: [general] Fix for issue 0000038 is missing 6.00.17 and 6.00.16 (Christos Zoulas)
0000119: [general] Manpage fixes (Christos Zoulas)
0000120: [general] 6.17.06 filetest -P does not have enough space to print out all the bits. ( fix included ) (Christos Zoulas)
0000102: [autoconf] [PATCH] Display an error on unexpected EOF, instead of silently ignoring it. (Christos Zoulas)
0000104: [general] "new mail" when modifying mailbox, but no new mail (Christos Zoulas)
0000106: [general] double history storage of commands when !#:q is used in jobcmd (Christos Zoulas)
0000101: [general] tcsh 6.17.02 segfaults on echo `` (regression from 6.17.00) (Christos Zoulas)
0000048: [general] [patch] record command history in loops (Christos Zoulas)
0000070: [general] colorls rs variable causes tcsh to exit (Christos Zoulas)
0000112: [general] [PATCH] Do not set empty $REMOTEHOST on the local machine (REGRESSION) (Christos Zoulas)
0000113: [general] [PATCH] Fix variable name convention (set, setenv, foreach) (Christos Zoulas)
0000110: [general] [PATCH] Incorrect $status value of pipelined commands (Christos Zoulas)
0000079: [general] Problems with default prompt handling
0000094: [general] amend getmachine() to reflect SPARCv9 platforms
0000095: [autoconf] make check fails due to M4 (Autotest) syntax problem
0000097: [general] New handling of octal numbers (since v6.16) causes script breakage
0000084: [general] Large history is very slow when starting or exiting tcsh
41 issues View Issues
Released 2012-02-13
0000168: [general] tcsh 6.18.00 gethost coredump (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2012-01-14
0000155: [general] Please revert the behavior introduced as issue 0000110: Incorrect $status value of pipelined commands (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2008-10-09
0000044: [general] CTRL-C ignored when used with eval (Christos Zoulas)
0000052: [general] tcsh freezes with defunct child on AIX - signal handling issues? (Christos Zoulas)
0000056: [general] [Patch]fix a manual bug about logout warnning (Christos Zoulas)
0000061: [general] input problem for tcsh in an UTF-8 locale: cannot enter degree character (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2007-09-28
0000054: [general] [Patch]string beginning with '0' isn't considered octal number (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2007-03-05
0000029: [general] tcsh 6.14 crashes when reading multibyte characters from file (.history) (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2005-04-13
Test release for developers.
0000012: [general] symlink=expand fails to expand some paths (Christos Zoulas)
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Released 2005-04-12
Test release for developers.

 10. V6.14.02 - 20050412
  9. Prototype fixes (Miloslav Trmac and Jean-Luc Leger)
0000014: [general] NLS_CATALOGS default value (Kimmo Suominen)
0000013: [general] Please comment OS-specific NetBSD check (Kimmo Suominen)
0000005: [general] tcsh doesn't compile when Char == short (Kimmo Suominen)
       0000011: [general] Fail to compile on HP-UX 11.00 and Solaris 9 (Kimmo Suominen)
0000006: [general] Can not compile on WIN32 NATIVE (Kimmo Suominen)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2005-04-11
Test release for developers.

  8. V6.14.01 - 20050411
  7. Make =- refer to $owd (H.Merijn Brand)
  6. Use prototypes (almost) everywhere (Miloslav Trmac) (issue #5)
  5. Fix doc path in Cygwin installation (Corinna Vinschen)
  4. Fix column size calculation (Martin Kraemer)
  3. Implement newline-and-hold and newline-and-down-history (Per Hedeland)
  2. Messages fixes for the ja (Japanese) locale (NAKAMURA Takeshi) (issue #4)
  1. Enable charset conversion in nls (Miloslav Trmac) (issue #3)
0000004: [nls] nls ja catalog set4 fixes (Kimmo Suominen)
0000003: [nls] Character set conversion in messages doesn't work (Kimmo Suominen)
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